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337Earth Hour - candle lit walk along Thames - today (31st March - 8pm)

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  • Mani
    Mar 30, 2012
      Dear all,

      Earth Hour is today...31st March..  between 8.30pm- 9.30pm local time..where ever you are!
      Its a time when people are encouraged to turn off all electric devises (non-essential) ..save power and make a statement!

      For our part, 2nd year running, PF London & friends will be gathering in central london for a candle-lit walk along river Thames.

      We are starting to gather at Tower Hill tube station - where there is a watch-out balcony area..with a huge Sun-dial sculpture (appropriate !)
      We'll be  there from 8pm onwards......But at 8.30pm we'll start the walk..

      It's a short walk..  but will be social and enjoyable..  with candles!
      We'lll cross main road through under-pass / road, to the side of Tower of London... walk along it's perimeter and get to the riverbank.. 
      Walking on, we'll cross Tower Bridge..  to the other side, and get to the flashy buildings of City Hall..
      They have all sorts of floor fountain - water features, lights, and what looks like a giant seating area..   

      We'll be there for a bit of informal picnic (at night)..and then conclude the event.. (London bridge station is nearby).

      This is just a social event..  enjoyable...no ritual as such..  (that's all for Earth Day next month in Trent park).

      There's a blurb on PFL website   www.pflondon.org

      There is also a new Gaia Video competition (details to be confirmed in 1-2 days).

      See ya at the walk.

      Bright Blessings

      PFL Events Manager/ webmaster