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326Moot on Monday

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  • Paul
    Jan 13, 2012
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      Hi everyone,

      It's that time of the month again so please join me, regulars and newcomers to the Croydon Crows Moot on Monday.

      Last month was unusally busy (Christmas trade, I suppose) and there were no seats downstairs, so the Moot moved upstairs. I am getting a bit concerned about this as we sometimes miss people who do not know there is an upstairs.

      Firstly, I promise: the Moot remains downstairs unless we really can't get anywhere to sit.

      If we are forced to move upstairs, and you can't see us downstairs, go to the back of the pub, go up the stairs, we are probably going to be on the sofas at the far end.

      A good reason for not going upstairs is that they close it at 11pm so we have to move downstairs then anyway.

      I shall be bringing a little fabric crow so newcomers can identify us. This was a present from Sandra for just such an occasion, and, in respect for her, may I say that if you know you cannot manage stairs and *if you can ring me in advance* I shall make sure someone (or everyone!) is downstairs to greet you and we shall stay with you downstairs irrespective of what we may have done earlier.

      So, I hope to see you on Monday

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