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324PF London: Yule Ritual (22nd Dec'11) & guides & an announcement

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  • Mani
    Dec 19, 2011
      Dear all,
      PF London Yule Open Ritual.
      On Thursday 22nd Dec’11. By Tribe of Avalon.
      Pre-ritual gathering: 7.30pm. Ritual start. 8pm. Feasting & Social: 9pm-10pm. Venue: Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn. Entrance fee: PF members/conc £5. All others £6). Please also bring seasonal food /home made food & drinks to share at feast after ritual.
      Like the dawning of each day is when we are deepest in our dreams, so the returning of the Sun of the Winter Solstice sees us going deeper within ourselves to find our still meditative centre as we dream of the year to come. Join the Tribe of Avalon as we honour the return of the Sun at Winter Solstice and explore the realm of our dreams, where we journey with Arianrhod, who guides us on the path of the silver spiral, sharing our dreams and aspirations with Her and receiving Her gifts in return. Prior to the ritual, please reflect on your dreams for 2012. Join us after for feasting and socialising. Ritual coordinated by Elle Hull, Priestess of Avalon (www.AvalonBlessings.co.uk).
      Newcomer to Open rituals? Here are some quick and easy guides (taken from our website www.pflondon.org)  
      Read all about our Open Rituals.     Read Frequently asked questions .    Read about Yule Festival .     Click here for map to Conway Hall.
      Facilitate an Open Ritual for `PF London’ in 2012. We are looking for experienced ritual groups! Read our guidelines on facilitating Open rituals.
      See you at the Yule open ritual in a few days.
      Bright Blessings
      -Mani Navasothy
      PF London Events Coordinator / webmaster