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302Thanks for the Pagan Pride Parade...(and guess who's coming in July!)

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  • Mani
    Jun 1, 2011
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      Dear all,
      A heartfelt thanks to all of you who came to the Pagan Pride Parade on sunday and participated.
      I think the turn out, despite last minute confirmations...was 150+..judging by the look. (I could sit and count it on the clips of the parade..:-). There were so many Journalisrs & press photographers and bloggers...so the news is spreading even as we speak!    It was a fantastic bonus to have Jeanette Ellis turn up and lead the parade with Geraldine of Atlantis Bookshop.  Our friends Selina & Macki were there with professional cameras taking videos and doing mini-interviews..(they used to work for the BBC). It'll hopefully be screened soon at a special event..and uploaded to YouTube etc..
      It was a great honour to be knighted (along with Geraldine, Mary Ranz and Arturo) into the Order of the Ravens by Jeanette, for services to Beltane Bash. We will continue to work hard for Pagan communities in London and everywhere. (and in all the years that Dee has tried to get me soaked in that fountain, I had escaped..but this time..willingly..`Pan' went in to the fountain..and came out very wet..and wild!! :-p   )
      Geraldine of Atlantis Bookshop has already said next year we;re going to make it bigger and more organised... we want lots of pagan groups to join in, and with all your group banners and flags..and wonderful robes, cloaks and tribal costumes.   We want Morris Dancers, more drummers (coordinated drumming!) and even perhaps the return of `Giants'   (so some strong guys/ girls to carry them). PF London is going to get more involved.. and ofcourse we want Jeanette back again in the Parade with the Ravens!
      A slide show of photos is on PF London website (20+ photos).   Some on my facebook profile as an album.  If you use it anywhere else, please remember to give credit (Mani).
      All that remains is for me to say..   we (PF London) have our very special Midsummer open ritual in a few weeks time at Conway hall (where we also celebrate 60th anniversary of repeaking on Witchcraft Act), and then..onwards into July..    16th July... for the return of `Pan's Picnic'   at Trent Park.
      (expect Pandemonium!)
      Wild and crazy... we have just scratched the surface really :-)
      Blessings of  fun & frolics
      PF London Events Coordinator