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301Pagans.. come join the Pagan Parade.. sunday 29th...London!

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  • Mani
    May 27, 2011
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      Dear Pagans!
      Hey, we've just had the national census..to tell the government we are Pagans..and here's another chance.. to tell all of London.. that we are Proud to be Pagan...and show it!
      PAGAN -PRIDE -PARADE-  This sunday 29th May.. in Central London.     This year there is no Beltane Bash, BUT the PARADE is going ahead with Atlantis Bookshop coordinating it :-) with full blessings from Jeanett Ellis (organiser of Beltane Bash)..  And PF London is strongly supporting this, and we're joing Atlantis Bookshop to continue this tradition.
      Often we rally up pagans & magicians for urgent campaigns and protests. well, this is a happy one...to celebrate and show off...bang our pagan drums..and blow our magical horns!! :-)  A happy event generates more magic than a stressful one..  So Come and join in.
      Gather at the small park in `Red Lion Square, Holborn' by 10.30am..(Parade starts at 11.30am sharp).  Come with colourful costumes, masks, drums..!   We have police escort. Trafiic stops for us!!  What we want ..is lots of Pagans in the Parade!
      Due to official council delays, Geraldine of Atlantis was unable to put publicity out early. But now we know. This is a once- a - year opportunity.  So please ..please.. hold any  other plans, delay it..postpone it..  re-arange it.   And come join in.. and make this a colourful, noisy funfilled event..   
      Bring masks...banners of your own groups to wave proudly in the streets of London..   Drum to your heart's content.   Dance in the street..and process!!
      It's only about 1 hr or so..  Then we are all going to Enterprise pub (opening just for us.. with their beer garden!) for socials!!  
      See you all there..
      Love & BB
      -Mani & April
      (PF London Events)
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