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290PF London: EARTH- DAY fri 22nd April (Trent Park) & BELTANE Open Ritual (thurs 28th April. Conway Hall).

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  • Mani
    Apr 20, 2011
      Dear all,
      We have 2 very excellent events by `Pagan Federation London' within the next 7 days!!    The weather is forcasted to be absolutely fine..  So pack a pinnic, and come join us for outdoor Earth Day at Trent park;   Then join us for a very pagan Beltane..  where we'll be arranging a marriage for the Green Lady to May-King-  (assuming he passes all the Challenges and proves himself to be worthy!!) :-)
      Bright Blessings
      (PF London Events Coordinator)
      mob: 077689-41373.
      PF London Earth-Day Event 2011
      PF London: Earth Day Event. Friday 22nd April. 2pm- 5pm. EARTH DAY was started in 1970 in USA but has now become an international event every year. It’s been officially named UN Earthmother Day!    We shall be marking this with a variety of Celebrations & Earth-centred Drumming, meditation, picnic, creative work and more... at Trent Park, North London.   Just turn up and participate!


       PF London has been holding Earth Day ritual gatherings at north London Woods, and through out PFL regions for several years. This year, we shall be marking this with a variety of Celebrations at Trent Park- a vast woodland with many ponds, lakes, gardens, cafe, toilet facility etc. 


      Directions to Trent Park: Trent Park is vast and has many entrances. We shall be using the one that is easier for many people to get to. Tube: Cockfosters (picadilly line..last station in the north end). Come up from tube to the main road. (Cockfoster Road).  Turn right (same side) and walk along for 500 metrs. You will go past a Petrol station, then a Cemetry, and then come to Park Entrance. Once inside, walk along the park road..almost immediately to your right is an open area with a small hidden pond. We will gather in that area . (The Park cafe & toilets are only about 5 minutes slow walk from the park entrance. So we have chosen this spot for convenience sake). Our activities will be based on this area, but you are free (and really should) walk and explore the vast depths of Trent Park. !!

      Map ref to venue & meeting point: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?X=528021&Y=196706&A=Y&Z=110


      Activities (approx times only):

      Times may vary slightly depending on weather & circumstances. Emphasis is on `free-flow’. Activities are grouped, so that at any one time, you will have several options.

      1pm-  Arrivals & Informal Litter picking / tidy (bring your own equipments please- gloves, bin bags etc).

      2pm-  Socials & picnic (this will continue through out!);  Building Earth Altar using local items (twigs, branches).- You may also bring your own magical trinkets to place on altar (and remember to take it back home!)

      2.30pm - Drumming & Chanting (communal); Rune stance & Dance (led by Fiona); Blind-earth exploratory walks (this is where people pair up, and one person explores the experience of walking blind-folded in the woods, while carefully guided by the buddy. Walks can be just 5 minutes, but experience enriches the sensory explorations); Treasure Hunt (led by Mike) - for children.

      4.00pm- 4.30pm- Earth-Heart meditation (drum assisted - led by Mani).;  Art & Craft - those who did Earth-Heart meditation may join together to create a large work of art to record and meld together their magical messages, and as a record of the day!

      4.30pm- simple Earth Day Ritual & affirmation (led by Hilde).

      5pm onwards- Socials continue into the evening with informal drumming/ singing and merriment. Earth Altar dismantled






      PF London Beltane Open Ritual by Hern’s Tribe:


      Thursday 28th April 2011.   Special Pre-rite socials with ritual team starts at 7.30pm. (Watch out ..Pan's about!!).  Ritual is between 8pm- 9pm. Then Feasting & merry dancing!!  ALL WELCOME! 


      PFLondon-Beltane2011 ritual by HTA fun filled ritual full of Beltane frolics!  With Hern & Gaia's blessings, we shall put the volunteers through Challenges!  Come join us and help the chosen May-King in his quest to win the heart of the Green Lady, and dance fertility into the land!! There will be drumming, masks, mayhem, dancing and much merriment!


      Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn.   Entrance fee: PF members/consc £5. All others £6.


      Please also bring seasonal food /home made food & drinks to share at feast after ritual.


      Hern’s Tribe is an outdoor ecclectic-shamnic ritual group in existence for over 7 yrs. It is now a registered Not-for-profit group with objectives for advancing pagan religions & spirituality, promoting religious harmony, conservation of environment and promoting tribal art & craft. If you wsh to join Hern’s Tribe and participate in regular outdoor rituals, or support its aims, contact Hern’s Tribe via www.hern-tribe.org  

      (Hern's Tribe will be holding 3 Outdoor Open Rituals-  Beltane(sat 7th May, Croydon), Midsummer (Richmond park)  & Lammas. Do join us for these).