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250Bright Blessings for a new decade!

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  • Mani
    Jan 1, 2010
      Dear pagans, magicians, ritualists, psychics, witches..
      You have no doubt seen the fantastic full moon today.. a clearer night compared to yesterday..which was the night of a full (blue) moon and a partial lunar eclipse in sign of cancer.
      I truly believe it's a magical time..  more so that other moments..  Cancerian moon symbolises hightened emotions, sensitivity, nurturing, empathy and such.. and coupled with a partial eclipse..to me  strikes as a very significant gateway..  !
      These blue moons occur every 3 years on average..  when 2 full moons happen in a month. But ofcourse a month is a very arbitary measure of time.. devised by man..  or several men (georgian, julian and other calendars).   For example, the hindu month is 2 weeks `behind' (to the general english calebdar).. similar with chinese and islamic ones..
      So the best one to use is an astrological/ stellar measure..   and by that, a `true' blue moon is when 2 full moons occur in the same astrological sign.  And that would you believe is going to happen soon..  in 23rd  september & 23rd October of this year 2010..in the first sign of the zodiac (aries). ..it links to the Autumn equinox and Samhain .  Make whate of it as you will.  I just wished to give you info..so you don't miss  the opportunity!. (Ofcourse, the next one after that is in 2013 in aquarius, and one after that in 2016 in sagitarrius).
      We've had the jupiter-neptune conjunction thrice in 2009..very beneficial..  and the saturn-uranus opposition twice (disruptive and world-power changing to say the least.. heralding the Obama years and the credit crunch!!).   We have that aspect coming up again in 2010..so be ready once more.. 
      Anyway, lot happening in 2010..  And is it the end of the world in 2012? eh, only for the hollywood producers..(go see that film..and while you are at it..go see Avatar..  all about planet spirituality told in a clever way!!). 
      But for now..it's good enough to want a better world from the flames that are everywhere..  out there around the world and within many hearts. The Gaia conventions (3) may be over for PF London, but Wyrd-i conventions is coming this year.. our chance to weave kinship, stregnth, honour, truth & trust between us all.
      So here are the quantum blessing & wishes of peace, love & joy to all. May there be Truth & Beauty, Charm and Strangeness in all you do.. that all that swims below may reflect all the wonders that glide above.. and your inner light may shine out to the furthest Stars.. So may it be..  in the names of the Earth Goddesses and Star Gods!
      Bright Stellar Blessings
      -Mani & April