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248Re: [croydoncrows] PFL Yule ritual (10th dec'09) & 2010 rituals

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  • Heather and Nigel
    Dec 8, 2009
      Hi Mani, Lovely the Ye Olde Unicorns ritual is to go ahead - any date yet? Gotta get babysitter etc sorted. Ta
      A merry Yule to you and April!
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      From: Mani
      Sent: Monday, December 07, 2009 11:52 PM
      Subject: [croydoncrows] PFL Yule ritual (10th dec'09) & 2010 rituals


      Dear Pagans, magicians, ritualists and friends..
      It gives me great joy to announce the following forthcoming 2 Open rituals..  Yule'09 by Hern's Tribe,  this week, and Imblc'10 in January by `Ye Olde Unicorns'.    I say great pleasure, because I have personal links to both ritual groups.. that go back many years.. So I know that magically, both rituals are going to be very different..yet very flamboyant, dynamic, dramatic and.. fun! 
      Come and join us for the rituals, then stay on and feast & socialise with us.
      Love & bright blessings
       webmaster (PF London)
      PFL- YULE Open ritual. 
      by Hern's Tribe.
      10th December 2009. Conway hall. 8pm start. £5/£4
      Hern’s Tribe celebrates 5 years of facilitating various rituals for PF London, and invites you to a seasonal ritual drama featuring the `Spririts’ of Yule past, present(s) and future, wih singing, dancing & drumming, and ofcourse plenty of mince pies and gifts for all.
      PFL:  IMBOLC  Open ritual.
      by "Ye Olde Unicorns".
      28th January 2010. Conway Hall. 8pm start. £5/£4.
      We invite you to an Imbolc celebration of Life renewing Life, where we re-ignite magic, mystery and mayhem! This ritual draws inspiration from the magical rituals of the late Maureen Brown- High Priestess of The Craft.
      Future PFL Rituals/dates in 2010
      PFL Spring Equinox-  25th March 2010.
      PFL Beltane- 29th April 2010.
      PFL WYRD-i convention-  sunday 27th June 2010.
      PFL Lammas- 29th July 2010.
      PFL London contact details:
      general enquiry  tel: 07910 622 364
      general e-mail: enquiry@pflondon. org
      postal address:  PF London, BM Opal, London WC1N 3XX
      webmaster (mani) contact: mani@pflondon. org  or mob (mani): 077689 41373.

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