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230Re: Scadbury Archaeology Open Day - next weekend

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  • thipnewman
    Sep 10, 2009
      Dear Edmund,

      Your email was not so much a victim of Yahoo anti-spam but of Yahoo! groups potential spam. Any messages thus marked are held for approval by the moderator, i.e. me - and I very rarely check the group unless something is flagged for my attention, which this wasn't. I only found out about it by chance.

      Edmund, I am sorry if I was not able to get your message posted in time. I see this has caused distress to you and would like to assure you that no malicious intent was intended.

      Obviously, I should check for similar emails more often from now on and not wait for any messgae from Yahoo.

      With Best Wishes


      --- In croydoncrows@yahoogroups.com, Edmund Meadows <edmundmeadows@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > As my first email did not get through, I assume it fell foul of Yahoo
      > anti spamming. A certain organisation has been using my name in
      > vain, without my permission and knowledge, to spam social drugs. I
      > have been receiving bounced emails from ISPs for email addresses which
      > no longer exist. The organisation can not be named as the law is there
      > to protect the guilty. Thus my email address has been added to the
      > spam list.
      > Next weekend are the open days for the Orpington and District
      > Archaeological Society open days (September 12/13th 2009) for viewing
      > the remains of the Scadbury moated manor at Chislehurst, Bromley.
      > This is open from 2.00 to 4.30 pm both days.
      > There are few chances to see a working archaeological site within the
      > M25. For further details see the ODAS website.
      > Scadbury was the country pad of Sir Thomas Walsingham, the favourite
      > wine merchant of Queen Elizabeth. It is also the birthplace of Sir
      > Francis Walsingham, Queen Elizabeth's spy master general. The warrant
      > for the arrest Marlow the playwright (aka Marley and a few other names)
      > was raised at Scadbury in 1593.
      > The site is within Scadbury Nature Reserve. Neither the LB Bromley
      > nor ODAS will take any responsibility for the results of anyone picking
      > the wild fungi which start to appear this time of Year. Also
      > Elizabethan brickwork was not built to British Standard and is now
      > highly suspect.
      > There is another site in London which is also open all year. This is
      > the foreshore of the River Thames. No digging is allowed, as the
      > Thames does that for you. See the thethamesdiscovery website to join
      > the mudlarks.
      > Edmund.
      > Orpington and District Archaeological Society
      > Scadbury Moated Manor (Chislehurst) - Open Weekend
      > Saturday and Sunday 12th and 13th September 2009 from 2 - 4:30
      > * Excavations in progress
      > * Ruined remains of medieval manor house
      > * Bookstall & refreshments
      > Self-guided tours of excavations from 2 pm to 4:30 pm
      > No need to book in advance - just come on the day
      > The tours start at the point where the estate circular footpath in
      > Scadbury Nature Reserve passes the moated site.
      > Map of Scadbury
      > The nearest access from the road is via the footpath between 12 & 14 St
      > Paul's Wood Hill, turning left along the circular footpath (5 mins
      > walk). This entrance is not suitable for disabled access - use the Perry
      > Street entrance. The footpath can be uneven and muddy in wet weather.
      > The main entrance to Scadbury Park is in Old Perry Street (with parking).
      > There is an entrance in Perry Street itself - this is a 20 mins walk to
      > the site.
      > Some parking is available for elderly or disabled people -* use the
      > Perry Street entrance for disabled vehicle access*. (Single track
      > farm road with plenty of potholes and few passing places - Edmund.)
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