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217What shall we do?

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  • Paul Newman
    May 18, 2009
      Hi everyone,

      Tonight's moot proved very interesting.

      Opinions are very divided as to whether or not to move upstairs.

      One member only came because he thought we would be upstairs where he would be able to hear what we are saying and fully join in.

      Other members cannot make those stairs.

      Whilst we remain at the Skylark I am inclined to stay downstairs but I amseriously thinking of approaching the Brief on george Street. My only concern is that I think they may not be able to do long-term bookings, essential to us. On the plus side we would have the space to ourselves and might even get us some speakers.

      What do you think??

      Please let me know, I want to hear everyones opinions

      Bright Blessings

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