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153Earth Day- image magic on PF London website

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  • Mani
    Apr 21, 2008
      Dear all,
      As you know, it's `Earth Day' tomorrow (tuesday 22nd april).
      I am sure many of you have or will be doing various earth magical works for the well-being of Earth!
      Here's an additional opportunity-
      If you care to create a small `earth day' relevant magical doodle, scan and e-mail it to me, I can upload it all to a special `earthday page' of our PFL website.
      Image magic is very powerful, so do take this opportunity :-)  We'll keep it online for ateast 1 lunar month (probably a rotating banner on a page..   so pls keep the dimensions of the graphics limited to about 400 x 400 pixles.  If large, I';ll reduce it). Obviously, pls only send your own original materials..   and do not send other people's works or breach copyrights! The final (magical & legal) responsibility is yours (ie senders'!)
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