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130Monday's Moot

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  • Paul Newman
    Jan 18, 2008
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      Hi All,

      We're meeting on Monday as usual.

      My good news is that I have a new contract to teach at Birkbeck. The
      bad news is that its on Monday nights (sorry, couldn't say no to
      them!) I've asked Mani and Diane to be there on time (8pm) to meet &
      greet. I should be there from 9.30 onwards.

      If anybody new is hoping to come along, why not give me a message and
      I'll be sure to get in touch with venue details

      Bright Blessings


      PS Mani will be there for sure to sell tickets for the Masked Ball,
      as I'm sure you all know from his message. Surprisingly, I had to
      rescue this one from the Yahoo! spam guard. Pity they couldn't have
      got the earler genuine spam.
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