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117Re: [croydoncrows] Yule at The Windsor Castle

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  • Mani
    Dec 11, 2007
      Hi Becky/ all,
       I was not at the last moot..  Reggie gave me a brief info about a possible eating out..but no info came on the list (till now).. so I am a bit stumped..
      Can everyone afford £13...?
      Are the people who are not planning to go to the carvery or can't afford...  going to the skylak as usual? I'd volunteer but am not sure how monday will pan out..
      Mondya..  my dad's remembrance .. busy at temple in the morning.. also am at hospital (check up for shoulder after surgery).. aftenoon..  Tuesday is a major inspection visit by our funders (London development agency).. so I may well have to work late monday.. 
      lov n hgs

      bluemoonwytch <bekie.bird@...> wrote:
      I have booked a table for 20 at the Windsor Castle Carvery in South
      Croydon as promised at the last moot when we discussed the evening's
      jolities. The price per head is, I believe, £13 per adult and less
      for nippers but I can't remember how much.
      The people I know will be coming are:
      Me (Bekie)
      Our Natalie and Jerry
      Their nippers

      Sorry if your name isn't on this list but I suffer from sieve-head
      (Memory loss!) and I'm sure the list was already bigger. I think we
      decided we'd need a table for 16 but I booked it for 20 to include
      any stragglers.

      I'll stop rambling now!
      (Who said 'good'?)

      See you all Monday


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