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113Yuletide festivities!

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  • Paul Newman
    Dec 10, 2007
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      Yuletide festivities!

      Heather has offered us the use of her house for a Mid-Winter festival,
      so everyone is invite for a mid-day celebration on Friday 21 December
      (the day of the Solstice).

      Heather lives in Waddon and I shall give out her full address when I
      know how many might make it, or at the Moot on Monday if you can make

      We shall meet up about 11.30 for a mid-ay observance followed by
      feasting (around 1pm?) Please bring food and drink to share.

      It might be helpful to gauge numbers, so if you are interested please
      get in touch with me

      See you all soon,

      Bright Blessings

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