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111DJ wanted for PF Mask Ball 2008 (London)

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  • Mani
    Nov 22, 2007
      Dear all,
      we are making preparations for the annual PF London's Valenine Mask Ball (feb 2008) ..fancy dress party- which will take place, as last year, onboard the ship TS Queen Mary (near Embankment).  Tickets are expected to be about £12  (we have reduced them from the previous £15).
      This is our fundraisier event for PF London, and as such, we are only able to pay a reasonable amount to the DJ.  There are a few expectations: The DJ must have and bring his/her own professional DJ / mixing equipment & speakers. The DJ should be friendly and interactive towards the attending people.The DJ should be able to play a vaiety of popular and dance music for about 4 hours.
      If you are interested and have serious experience/ equipments, or know of any DJ who can meet these requirements, please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.
      direct e-mail: hern3000@...
      mobile (evenings only)- 077689 41373.

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