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105Monday's Moot

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  • Paul Newman
    Oct 11, 2007
      Dear friends,

      Our October Moot comes rather early in the month on Monday October
      15th. I hope everyone can make it.

      For newcomers, the Skylark is a Wetherspoons pub on South End, which is
      a short stretch of road between the well-known High St and Brighton Rd.
      You can get from South Croydon rail (but it's a funny, curving way down
      to the main road) or there are plenty of buses from Central Croydon.

      I am there from 8pm onwards. We try to sit close to the windows, but
      you can recognise use from our new mascot (courtesy of Edmund -- thank
      you very much) which is a little crow. Well, it's a magpie really, but
      it does very well as a crow!

      Hope to see you there
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