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Re: [XTalk] A contemporary of Jesus?

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  • Jack Kilmon
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      > Jerusalem body 'has links to the Crucifixion'
      > By P J Bonthrone
      > (Filed: 29/03/2002)
      > A 2,000-YEAR-OLD shrouded body found in a tomb near Jerusalem could be
      > of a witness to Christ's crucifixion, a British archaeologist believes.
      > The remains, discovered by chance in a tomb south of the city walls, have
      > startling links to the Easter story.
      > The bones, and a well-preserved clump of hair, were wrapped in the only
      > shroud from Christ's time to have been found in Israel. This could also
      > provide final proof that the Turin Shroud is a fake.

      Well, I don't want to get into a discussion of the Shroud of Turin which,
      BTW, is a genuine ancient artifact, but I do want to comment on
      "Journalistic Archaeology." The association of this person of the tomb with
      Jesus' crucifixion and "startling links to the Easter story" as well as
      "proof that the Shroud of Turin is a fake" is all journalistic BS. It
      reminds me of the "face of Jesus" not too long ago and must embarrass Gibson
      just as the "face of Jesus" probably embarrassed our own dear Mark Goodacre.
      Of course, if this body turns out to have been crucified and there is a
      titulus in the loculus that says "Yeshua haNetzerayya malka dyehuddaya,"
      I'll perk up and pay attention.

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