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GJohn and Jerusalem

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  • brmcc2000
    I Is it just my failing memory or is it a fact that quite a few questers go along with Mark s scenario where Jesus arrives in Jerusalem for the first time
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 19, 2002
      I Is it just my failing memory or is it a fact that quite a
      few 'questers' go along with Mark's scenario where Jesus arrives in
      Jerusalem for the first time and is dead on a Roman cross within a

      In any case I still remember the first time I came across Raymond
      Brown's laconic statement (GJohn I p.309):

      "We say only that John's picture wherein Jesus remains a long period
      in the Jerusalem area between Tabernacles and the following Passover
      may well be more accurate than the crowded Synoptic picture where he
      seems to arrive ib n Jerusalem a few days before his death."

      Stylistically, I especially like that economic 'crowded'.

      This would still be compatible with Wellhausen's remark--quoted in
      Schweitzer, but I cannot now find it--to the effect that Jesus' life
      was abruptly cut short, almost as soon as his mission had begun.

      II GJohn has Jesus abandon Galilee early and focus his attention
      exclusively on Jerusalem, where he goes no less than five times. Here
      it is not the number of visits that is interesting but the idea that
      Jesus has something to accomplish in Jerusalem and he is not free to
      die and return to the world of light until he has completed it.
      (The only reason why in John Jesus comes to Jerusalem a number of
      times is that while there he pushes his mission to the point where
      his life is endangered without having accomplished his mission. And
      then leaves--deliberately avoids dying-- in order to be able to
      return and pick up his unfinished task where he had left it.)
      What I like about this is how it contradicts Mark's heavily
      theological and apologetic construction which asserts that what in
      fact happened--what Mk thought in fact happened--was precisely what
      was meant to happen; and that Jesus knew and intended it to happen.

      Question: What, in John, is this task that Jesus must complete before
      he is free to die and return to the Father?

      (I am not arguing for the historicity of the five-visits scenario! So
      don't waste time attacking me on that point.)

      III What, if any, is the standing of the idea that way at the
      origins of the Johannine tradition there were Jerusalem sources
      lacking to the Synoptics?
      (Again I am not trying to smuggle in reasons for tracing back the
      discourses to Jesus. This, after all, is the gospel where it is
      better for the disciples that Jesus should leave them so that he may
      be replaced by a new--superior?--teacher, the Paraclete.)

      Brian McCarthy
      Madison WI
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