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Fwd: Excerpts from Dove News: January Special Sale

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  • Bob Schacht
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      >Subject: Dove News: January Special Sale
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      >Dove Booksellers
      >Scholarly Books for Biblical Studies
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      >The following titles are available while supplies last!
      >Anchor Bible
      >JOHNSON, LUKE T The Letter of James (Doubleday) Hardcover $40.00 $16.00
      >Our normal selling price for this is $29.99 .... limited quantity
      >available at this price ... when did you get 75% off on Anchor Bible
      >volumes last? We have 50 to sell at this price .....
      >Hebrew Bible [snipped]
      >Rabbinic & Other Jewish Literature
      >BOYARIN, DANIEL Intertextuality and the Reading of Midrash (Indiana
      >University Press) Paperback $12.00 $8.00
      >Boyarin proposes a new theory of midrash that rests in part on an
      >understanding of the heterogeneity of the biblical text and the
      >constraining force of rabbinic ideology on the production of midrash. In a
      >forceful combination of theory and reading, Boyarin raises profound
      >questions concerning the interplay between history, ideology and


      >STERN, DAVID Midrash And Theory: Ancient Jewish Exegesis and Contemporary
      >Literary Studies (Northwestern University Press) Hardcover $27.00 $12.00
      >"This is a book about reading midrash ... and about the challenges that
      >this act of reading involves. As such, this book is about an experience as
      >much as a subject, and about how that experience has changed in the recent
      >The major impetus for this change has come from the encounter of midrash
      >scholarship with contemporary literary studies--structuralism, semiotics,
      >deconstruction, cultural studies, indeed virtually all the modes of
      >postmodernism as they have come into fashion and gone out of it. Under the
      >impact of theory, midrash has gone through a veritable sea change.... My
      >purpose here, however, is to ask not what midrash can do for literary
      >criticism, but what theory has done to midrash." -- from the introduction.
      >New Testament
      >FITZMYER, JOSEPH A The Semitic Background of the New Testament and The
      >Wandering Aramean (2 Volumes Bound as 1) (Dove-Eerdmans) Paperback $34.95
      >HORRELL, DAVID G The Social Ethos of the Corinthian Correspondence:
      >Interests and Ideology from 1 Corinthians to 1 Clement (T & T Clark)
      >Hardcover $59.95 $16.00
      >The focus of these studies is on this correspondence, and how it provides
      >rich material for a study of the social ethos of early Christian teaching
      >and its development. It allows an assessment of how Pauline Christianity
      >shapes relationships within the Christian community and how the social
      >ethos of the 'symbolic order' changes as it develops through time in a
      >changing context.
      >HULTGREN, ARLAND J Jesus And His Adversaries: The Form and Function of the
      >Conflict Stories in the Synoptic Tradition (Fortress) Paperback $8.00
      >Hultgren shows that the conflict stories were formulated at various stages
      >in the history of the synoptic tradition. The process of formation had its
      >beginning in the Palestinian church which used them for apologetic
      >purposes. In the Hellenistic church they have a different setting--they
      >are catechetical, serving the needs of teaching converts and regulating
      >the life of the community.
      >REICKE, BO Roots Of The Synoptic Gospels (Fortress) Hardcover
      >Out-of-print $14.00
      >URO, RISTO (ed.) Thomas at the Crossroads: Essays on the Gospel of Thomas
      >(T & T Clark) Hardcover $47.95 $16.00
      >A team of experts offers new perspectives on the Gospel and demonstrates
      >the various ways in which it sheds light on the ideological and social
      >history of early Christianity. Examines major current issues in Thomasine
      >studies, such as the role of oral and written traditions in the
      >composition of the Gospel, Thomas' relationship with the Gospel of John
      >and with Gnostic and ascetic tendencies in early Christianity, the
      >Gospel's attitude to women followers of Jesus and to Jewish ritual practices.
      >Other Sale Books
      >FULLER, REGINALD H Alexander Geddes 1737-1801 (Almond) Paperback $19.99
      >Many of Geddes' ideas have come to be taken for granted in modern
      >scholarship and this work is the first study in-depth of his writings and
      >is a serious attempt to give Geddes his rightful place in the history of
      >biblical criticism.
      >RAJAK, TESSA Josephus: The Historian and His Society (Fortress) Hardcover
      >Out-of-print $10.00
      >"Rajak's work is an original piece of serious scholarship which treats in
      >a careful and judicious way a broad range of problems connected with the
      >career of Josephus and his early literary activity. It attempts to provide
      >insight into the Palestinian background of the historian, his ambiguous
      >role in the Jewish revolt against Rome, his relationship to his Roman
      >environment, and his ongoing apologetic and historiographical concerns.
      >Rajak displays a great deal of erudition and her judgments about Josephus
      >are informed by extensive familiarity with the literature and history of
      >Greco-Roman antiquity and the Jewish tradition." -- Harold W Attridge
      >To Order:
      >Please Note: Reasonable shipping charges will be added to each order based
      >upon weight and distance. Please keep in mind that with these deep
      >discounts, the shipping cannot be a simple percentage of the dollar value
      >of your order.
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      >to the internet, click on any of the titles in this email to open a
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      >the website. At any time you can use the website directly to add other
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