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Re: [XTalk] seminal essays/books in Historical Jesus Reserach

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  • Bob Schacht
    ... This itself is a pretty good anthology. ... First, you are asking, in essence, if Dawes choices stand up (at least, to us.) I d certainly keep S. Reimarus
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 31, 2001
      At 01:29 PM 3/29/01 -0600, Jeffrey B. Gibson wrote:
      >To all List Members,
      >Recently a book has been published entitled _The Historical Jesus Quest_
      >which, as its subtitle (_Landmarks in the Search for the Jesus of
      >History_ is a collection of excerpts from works on the HJ which the
      >book's editor, Gregory W. Dawes, considers to be "seminal" in Jesus
      >studies over the last two hundred years. Authors excerpted are Spinoza
      >(Tractatus T-P), E. Troeltch (Historical and Dogmatic Method in
      >Theology), S. Reimarus (Fragments) , D.F. Strauss (LJCE), W. Wrede
      >(Messianic Secret), A. Ritschl (Instruction in the Christian Religion),
      >J. Weiss (Jesus' Proclamation of the KoG), A. Schweitzer (mystery of the
      >KoG, My Life and Thought), M. Kahler (So Called HJ ...), R. Bultmann
      >(Liberal Theology and the Latest Theological Movement), K. Barth (from
      >the CD), E. Kaesemann (Problem of the HJ).

      This itself is a pretty good anthology.

      >My question is: if you could put together an anthology similar to
      >Dawes', that is to say, an anthology of excerpts from wht you consider
      >to be seminal/landmark HJ studies, what would you include?
      >In other words, what do you consider to be the most important HJ works
      >in the last 200 years?

      First, you are asking, in essence, if Dawes' choices stand up (at least, to
      us.) I'd certainly keep S. Reimarus (Fragments) , D.F. Strauss (LJCE), W.
      Wrede (Messianic Secret), J. Weiss (Jesus' Proclamation of the KoG), A.
      Schweitzer (mystery of the KoG, My Life and Thought), M. Kahler (So
      Called HJ ...), R. Bultmann (Liberal Theology and the Latest Theological
      Movement), and E. Kaesemann (Problem of the HJ), but I don't know about the
      others (there are so many other [and better?] possibilities to choose
      from), and I might second-guess on some of these choices. For example, I'd
      perhaps expand the Schweitzer, and maybe change the Bultmann selection to
      something from the first 200 pages of his History of the Synoptic Tradition.

      Any anthology would need something about the Jesus Seminar. Since I take it
      that you are ruling out book-length works, which would rule out The Five
      Gospels, or The Acts of Jesus, I'd at least include the Introduction from
      T5G or, alternatively, Robert Funk's Story of the Jesus Seminar, pp.
      xiii-xix in The Gospel of Mark: Red Letter Edition, which he edited.
      However, you do include "books" in the subject line, so I wonder...?

      Most anthologies over-emphasize the synoptics, so I'd include something
      like Fortna's "Signs/Semeia Source," in ABD 6:18-22 (1992).

      You'd also have to include one of the significant discussions of GThomas,
      such as chapter 9 (The Gospel of Thomas and the Historical Jesus) from
      Patterson's book, The Gospel of Thomas and Jesus (1993).

      A general chapter with a literature review of significant sources might be
      helpful, such as pp. 13-27 of Chapter 1, plus Chapter 2 (Heavy Traffic on
      the Wredebahn) in N.T. Wright's Jesus and the Victory of God, or better yet
      the version that appeared in ABD 3:796-802 under the heading "Quest for the
      Historical Jesus". Alternatively perhaps Robinson's The New Quest for the
      Historical Jesus.

      Then you probably oughta have something on Jesus in Q, either from
      Horsley's "Q and Jesus: Assumptions, approaches, and analyses" (Semeia
      55[1991]) or from Mack's The Lost Gospel (1993) (or perhaps from Mack's
      article on "Q and a Cynic-like Jesus" in Arnal & Desjardins' Whose
      Historical Jesus?)-- although Mack's "The Kingdom Sayings in Mark"
      (Foundations and Facets Forum 3[1], 1987) may have been a more influential
      work of his to include. Are you looking for influence as an important
      criterion? Since you ask for "seminal essays" I gather that Mack's "Q and a
      Cynic-like Jesus" wouldn't qualify, but his "The Kingdom Sayings in Mark"
      would qualify.

      Also, selections from the "Jesus the _______" books might be appropriate,
      such as
      Jesus the Jew (Vermes)
      Jesus the Healer (Davies)
      Jesus the Cynic (Mack or Downing)
      Jesus the Teacher (e.g. Perrin's Rediscovering the Teaching of Jesus)
      Jesus the Prophet (Kaylor?)
      Jesus the Magician (Morton Smith)

      I need some help with the above from others on the list who have some of
      the books that I don't have. Whenever I wrote "A selection from...", I
      invite others to supply their recommendations on the details of the
      selection (what chapter? what pages? what is the corresponding title of
      that section?)

      I hope this helps. In the above, I am aiming partly for covering as many
      bases as possible, while trying to keep in mind the most influential works.


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