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RE: [XTalk] Beliefs of the Sadducees

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  • Richard Anderson
    look at C. Fletcher-Louis, Luke-Acts: Angels, Christology and Soteriology, (Tubingen 1997). Richard H. Anderson Wallingford PA
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 30, 2001
      look at

      C. Fletcher-Louis, Luke-Acts: Angels, Christology and Soteriology, (Tubingen

      Richard H. Anderson
      Wallingford PA

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      Subject: [XTalk] Beliefs of the Sadducees

      Dear X-Talkers,

      As an outcome of the discussion with Antonio, I have been taking a new
      look at Sadducean beliefs.

      The first issue is the Sadducean belief about death. Our sources about the
      Sadducees do not state what they believed, merely what they did not
      believe. They did not believe in the immortal soul or the
      resurrection. Does this mean that the Sadducees did not believe in any
      form of afterlife, as seems to by implied by Sanders (Judaism 298ff).

      I recall from a course I took in High School that our teacher had claimed
      that in early Judaism some believed that though there was no personal
      survival, yet there was a sort of afterlife through ones progeny. The law
      that a brother must marry his brother's widow or punishing three and four
      generations of a polytheist, seem to be indicative of this line of
      thought. The survival of the family has supreme importance. When Mark
      tells the story about the Sadducees querying about this particular law,
      wouldn't this suggest that Sadducean scribal activity of reading of the
      law lead them to this theological position? Is there any literature that
      explores this line of thought?

      The second issue has to do with the alleged Sadducean rejection of the
      existence of angels. I had taken this as a given from the statement to
      this effect in Acts 23:8. However, Joshua Gutmann, when he wrote his
      section of the "angels and angelology" in the Encyclopedia Judaica
      (p. 962) states that "this, however, was undoubtedly a false assumption,
      derived from the Sadducees' rejection of apocalyptic teachings." He does
      not say anything else to substantiate this claim. Any other article I
      consulted, however, accepted the rejection as authentic. In another
      section Bernard J. Bamberger notes the silence of the prophets (except
      Ezekiel and Zechariah) with regard to angels. Is it not plausible to
      propose that the conservative Sadducees had retained this scepticism?



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