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Re: [XTalk] Failed wisdom?

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  • Daniel Grolin
    Dear Bob, You wrote:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 20, 2001
      Dear Bob,

      You wrote:
      <Or, perhaps, that the title misses the point. I have a lot of problems
      with an overemphasis on "wisdom" as the main thing of significance about
      someone from a farming village in a rural part of Israel far from
      Jerusalem, whose ministry was conducted primarily in rural villages, and
      who made no claims to being well-educated (unlike Paul, for example.) I
      have no argument with the idea that some of the Gospel writers were at
      pains to *portray* Jesus as a wisdom teacher. And in fact, I might drop my
      reservations about the emphasis on "wisdom" if it turns out that you
      include theology as a branch of wisdom that Jesus was particularly
      interested in. But if theology is not included within "wisdom," then it
      seems to me that the shoe just doesn't fit.>

      Your point is well taken. My use of the term "wisdom" was vague at
      best. Wisdom literature was an interaction between Hellenic and Jewish
      culture, but that is not the setting of Jesus' ministry as you rightly
      point out. Clearly if we speak of wisdom in connection with Jesus this is
      clearly not what we mean. I used the term as it has been applied to the
      first layer of Q, often in contrast to the second layer. Perhaps the term
      ethical or realised eschatology would be more appropriate for what I was
      referring to. The wisdom that Jesus appealed to, however, was not
      theological or philosophical in the scholarly sense. It was popular
      religious wisdom that Jesus which appealed to, which is why I am
      uncomfortable with the wholesale acceptance of the Markan passage I
      discussed in my previous post.


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