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RE: [XTalk] BOC discussion group?

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  • Secher
    Hi! Folks, I would like to be a part of this group. If someone could nail down the URL for joining and the beginning timeframe, as soon as possible, I would be
    Message 1 of 20 , Jan 19, 2001
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      Hi! Folks,

      I would like to be a part of this group. If someone could nail down the URL for joining
      and the beginning timeframe, as soon as possible, I would be more than happy to announce
      it on my list and several others are involved with. I think several folks would be willing
      to join in.

      Will we use Sukie Curtis's guide as a formal "workbook"?( See informational post below.)

      Talk to you later, Howard ~&~
      Any questions about the Historical Jesus?
      Kindly overlook contextual errors, I use speech recognition software.

      Hello, all,

      I've been a silent participant for several months but am briefly coming out of hiding to
      mention that, with the help of Gail Dawson, also of the august group, I will very soon
      have available copies of a study guide to accompany Crossan's _The Birth of
      Christianity_. It consists of summaries of his material (some who have used it say it
      helped keep them on track, esp. in the more complicated material) and questions for
      reflection and discussion, aimed particularly toward (but hopefull not exclusively toward)
      church discussion groups, in that many of the questions reflect the interaction of
      Crossan's proposals with "traditional" Christian teaching. A special feature of the guide
      includes questions from several real-life book study groups to Crossan and his responses
      back, which took place by email in a project I set up last fall. The whole thing is 66
      pages long, three-hole punched and shrink-wrapped, for a bargain price of $6 per copy plus
      1.75 for shipping.

      If you're interested, I'm at sbcurtis@... or if you're ready to send your money
      (!), you may do so at:
      Sukie Curtis
      8 Pine Lane
      Cumberland Foreside
      Maine 04110.

      Sukie Curtis
      Cumberland Foreside, Maine

      > >I've set up a moderated list for this purpose
      > >on eGroups. I'm an experienced list moderator
      > >and I promise to filter out the crap and keep
      > >a short leash on the posts-per-day.
      > >
      > >Come on, you know you want to.
      > James,
      > Did you ever get around to doing this? With Sukie Curtis's study guide as a
      > stimulus, I have taken the plunge and put it out there in my local world to
      > do a study course on BOC starting February 1 and ending by Easter. I just
      > started advertising in the past few days, so I guess that means that
      > there's no turning back now.... :-)

      yes-- if you set up this list it sounds like a good-- focused idea. i would
      like to participate- so what is the list address so i can sign up? and feb 1
      sounds like a good day to begin.

      let me know.


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