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Re: [XTalk] The JS and the Historical Jesus, P.S.

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  • Rikki E. Watts
    Brian, The Leprechaun spirit is abroad tonight. :-) Thanks Rikk ... .. Snipped
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 1, 2000

      The Leprechaun spirit is abroad tonight. :-)



      on 30/11/00 8:09 am, Brian McCarthy at brmcc@... wrote:

      > Richard,
      > Funk and Crossan are the co-chairs of the Jesus Seminar. But Crossan is not
      > named as co-author of either of the two books.
      .. Snipped

      > Perhaps a blend of JS thinking plus some uniquely American form of Buddhism,
      > to give it some depth, may emerge. And the same thinking may also feed into
      > and enrich the syncretism of the Unitarian Universalists. And who knows what
      > else, given the present ferment of Seeking. One thing is certain, though, the
      > JS will not carry through, or even spark, a Second Reformation of the
      > Christian Church, or of the jumble of denominations and sects known as
      > Protestantism. If anyone does that it will be the Pentecostals--unless of
      > course the Pentecostals learn how to think and the JS how to sing, and then
      > they can do it together!
      > Brian McCarthy
      > Madison WI
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