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Re: [XTalk] The Quran END THREAD

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  • Brian McCarthy
    Jeffrey, I had written a reply to Steve Allen before I read your end of thread message. I THINK it is going to him offline, if not, my apologies! Brian ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 13, 2000
      I had written a reply to Steve Allen before I read your 'end of thread' message. I THINK it is going to him offline, if not, my apologies!
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      Subject: Re: [XTalk] The Quran END THREAD

      Brian McCarthy wrote:


      It is not clear that similar investigation of the Quran and the origins of Islam has advanced very far. Which is a pity. For one journalist's overview of recent work done in the west, one can consult the Jan 1999 issue of the Atlantic Monthly. (I just found the article, plus a number of responses, mostly Muslim and critical, via a Google search. I simply typed in the three words atlantic monthly and koran. If you type in Quran instead of Koran you will find further responses and discussion.) Some of the questions being investigated concern the sources for our information about Muhammad, the occasion of their production, their tendencies; the  origins of the Quran--the process whereby written texts came into being from the many year's of M's religious experiences; the process of assembling them; the processes whereby we got a standardized written text etc. It seems that we are still only in the preliminary stages of these investigations, and that only limited scholarly resources, whether western or Islamic have been devoted to them. And that what has been done is little known in the general scholarly community or among otherwise well-informed lay folk. The same is true of the history of cultural influences--I know a little about the vast enrichment of western Europe from Islamic sources in the Middle Ages.

      As interesting as all of this is, it seems to me that discussions of how far along the historical critical path to which the Hebrew and Christian scriptures have been subjected those of Islam have been taken, is a subject that is NOT within the scope and focus of  XTalk.

      Therefore, speaking as moderator, I call all List Members who wish to continue this conversation to do so OFF LIST and/or to find a List that is devoted to Quranic studies.



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