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      RSBrenchley@... writes:

      << Leaving aside questions of historicity, it surely has to be real wine
      that is referred to. Yeast is found naturally on grape skins, so grape juice
      will inevitably contain yeast, and will ferment unless artificially prevented
      from doing so. As far as I know they had no way of doing this in the 1st
      Century AD. >>

      They didn'. Grape Juice was 'invented' in 1869 by Dr. Thomas Welsh, a
      physician and dentist, who wished to develop an "unfermented sacramental
      wine" for fellow parishioners at his [Methodist] church in Vineland, N.J.,
      where he is communion steward. His achievement marked the beginning of the
      processed fruit juice industry.


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      we have to live and let live in order to create what we are."
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