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Re: [XTalk] James, brother of Jesus

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  • Jack Kilmon
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      > OK, break it up -- action like this are what caused the last problems at
      > crosstalk.
      > Anyway, my question: What about James brother, Jude did this person ever
      > anything to say, about his half-brother, Jesus? If so what was it? who
      > recorded it and where can it be read it?

      Jesus\Y'shua is recorded as having 4 brothers and at least 2 sisters. Among
      his brothers, we know more about James/Ya'akov than any of the others. The
      other brothers were:


      Shymeon appears to have succeeded Ya'akov as head of the Jerusalem
      N'tzarim after Ya'akov's death. We know nothing about them nor have
      anything that they may have written or said. Whhether the Epistle of
      James contain origional Jacobian material is a matter of conjecture...the
      same for the Epistle of Jude.

      The family of Jesus...as well as most of his Talmuddaya..seem to have
      been personae non gratae to the early gentile Christian church and the
      Desposynoi continued to be outside the mainstream for a couple of
      centuries. It is interesting to speculate why...perhaps because the
      family and eyewitnesses would have been hostile to the virgin-born
      god/man stuff...what ya think?



      taybutheh d'maran yeshua masheecha am kulkon

      Jack Kilmon


      sharing a meal for free.
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