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Re: [XTalk] Friedrichson Paper

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  • Mark Goodacre
    ... I think you are thinking of a paper on Paula Fredriksen s home page: Paula Fredriksen, Jesus, Purity, and the Christian Study of Judaism , on-line article
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 27, 2000
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      On 26 Jun 00, at 12:10, N & RJ Hanscamp wrote:

      > This time last year a paper by Paula Friedrichson on "clean and
      > unclean" was posted in the articles archive of this group (I think?)
      > COuld someone send me either the link, or a copy of the paper by email

      I think you are thinking of a paper on Paula Fredriksen's home page:

      Paula Fredriksen, "Jesus, Purity, and the Christian Study of Judaism", on-line
      article on Fredriksen's home page, early version of "Did Jesus oppose the purity
      laws?" Bible Review 11/3 (1995), pp. 18-25 & 42-47


      I keep a list of on-line scholarly articles on the Historical Jesus at:


      Hope this helps
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