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  • Ted Weeden
    To All Listers: Mike MacDonell s recommendation of ABEBOOKS to David Hindley as a source for finding a copy of Dieter Georgi s _The Opponents of Paul in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2000
      To All Listers:
      Mike MacDonell's recommendation of ABEBOOKS  to David Hindley as a source for finding a copy of Dieter Georgi's _The Opponents of Paul in Second Corinthians_, prompts me to get this message to David and all Listers.  An excellent  source for out-of-print books, such as Georgi's book, is Sigler Press (siglerpr@...).   Sigler Press has bought up many of the books that Fortress Press has dumped, as well as those dumped by other presses.    Sigler has some classics, with authors such as H. W. Wolff, Martin Hengel, Jeremias, D. F. Strauss, H. C. Kee, H. Wheeler Robinson, Gerd Theissen, Gerd Luedemann, Paul Ricouer, H. D. Betz, Moltmann,  Kloppenborg, Westermann, Stendahl, Neusner, etc, to name a few in a quick perusal of its catalog.
      Perhaps, if others know of places to find out-of-print books, they might share their sources to help us all.
      I want also to take this opportunity to say that I appreciate the responses to the work I am doing on Mark, which I have submitted in various posts.  I will respond to all critiques as soon as possible.  With other responsibilities to which I am committed, it is taking much longer than I had expected to get back to you with considered and carefully thought-through replies to your helpful critiques and challenges.  In some cases I have moved too quickly to get a response back and have not proof-read to catch errors, such as in the case of my misstatement about Q's view of miracles in a post to Ron Price-- an error which Mark Goodacre fortunately brought to my immediate attention, and for which I am most appreciative.
      Ted Weeden
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