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[XTalk] Re: ethical norms (was: HMt and the scientific method

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  • Jeffrey B. Gibson
    ... Yuri is quite right to chide me for posting private correspondence on List. My only excuse was that I thought that my message which included our off list
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2000
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      Yuri Kuchinsky wrote:
      Esteemed Crosstalkers,

      I refuse to communicate with Jeffrey B. Gibson any further until such time
      as when I receive his apology for publishing my private email without my
      permission. Prof. Gibson has been on the Net long enough to know that such
      an act constitutes a severe breach of Netiquette. I feel we have to
      maintain some sort of ethical standards on this list. It seems like
      because of monstrous and ritualistic lying by the likes of Clinton and
      Jamie Shea we're seeing a substantial deterioration of ethical standards
      in our society.

      Also, I certainly refuse to accept that I misrepresented what Prof. Gibson
      said in his email. This was simply my interpretation of what he said. He
      has his interpretation of my comments, and I have my interpretation of
      his. Really. Such petty accusations are not worth commenting about. One
      would think we're still in high school.

      Yuri is quite right to chide me for posting private correspondence on List. My only excuse was that I thought that my message which included our off list exchanges was sent only to Yuri and not to the list, since I thought that what I was responding to  when I hit the reply button was sent only to me. So I apologize.

      But three things need to be noted, and I beg the List's indulgence if in noting them I  border on a breech of protocol.

      First, I find Yuri's claiming that he has been wronged--with it's implicit claim that, unlike others, he has always taken the moral high ground, and, since he is such a shining example of one who maintains netiquette, would never stoop to what he accuses me of doing  -- disingenuous and self serving, since he fails to mention that he posted a message to the List which took advantage of, and even incorporated, private off list criticisms I had made to an off list version of that message without acknowledging either that I had made such criticisms and that he had modified what he then went on to say to avoid my criticisms, thus presenting his argument and the way it was stated as if it was original when it was not. 

      Secondly, rightly or wrongly, it strikes me that Yuri's huffiness above may be nothing more than convenient way of avoiding answering any of the questions I asked of him in the (inadvertently public) message to which he refers, or in any other posted since (especially the question about whether he is a "trained historian") .  In any case, since I have apologized,  perhaps now we'll have the answers.

      Thirdly, and more importantly, I feel compelled to note that how anyone could construe what I actually said as saying anything like what Yuri publicly claimed I said, is not only beyond me. It strains credulity and smacks of special pleading.  But I leave it to XTalk members to judge (a)  whether Yuri's interpretation of what I said **is** legitimate, let alone accurate, or even **possible**, given what the (now inadvertently public) record shows I **did** say, and (b) whether my accusations of having been misrepresented are indeed as petty, as he claims.  For a decision on this matter has great import on whether we can trust anything Yuri has to say regarding his readings of the evidence that urdergirds the very subject matter of XTalk.

      In claiming , as Yuri does, that  (and, note, I quote here; I do not **interpret**) that

      "there are quite a few on Crosstalk who would not like me [i.e,, Yuri] to say things that I'm [i.e., Yuri] saying now. They like the current dogma to remain what it is"
      not only approximates what I actually said, but is a **legitmate interpretation** of what I conveyed in any of my correspondence with him (cf, Yuri's "as I've been informed privately by the moderator), and is NOT a misrepresentation of my remarks, Yuri gives us grave cause to trust as accurate ANYTHING he says or in his own stated ability to be objective in assessing and evaluating and interpreting ancient texts. For if he is so recalcitrantly off base on a message which comes from his own time and his own culture and his own language, how much more so is he likely to be with evidence from another time and place and culture?

      The accusations are not petty. They go to the issue of competence and credibility

      Now, to echo a call that Yuri himself made, can we get back to more on topic issues?


      Jeffrey Gibson
      Jeffrey B. Gibson
      7423 N. Sheridan Road #2A
      Chicago, Illinois 60626
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