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[XTalk] Re: Historical Jesus Syllabus

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  • Dennis C. Duling
    Many thanks. I reviewed it in Bible Review, though my review was considerably edited down by the editors. dd
    Message 1 of 25 , Dec 13, 1999
      Many thanks. I reviewed it in Bible Review, though my review was
      considerably edited down by the editors.

      Mark Goodacre wrote:
      > On 9 Dec 99, at 14:12, Dennis C. Duling wrote:
      > > This past semester I tried Theissen on my undergraduates. Their first exam
      > > was horrible; their second exam was quite good. However, I have worked
      > > about as hard as I ever have on a course -- a lot of it explaining
      > > Theissen. The translation at points needs some improvement, too. So I
      > > would say that it is only for the bold and very ambitious, as far as an
      > > undergraduate text goes. I'll go back to a simpler text for my
      > > undergraduates. W. Barnes Tatum has a new edition of his little classic
      > > out, and I'll try it next time, along with one of the newer general books
      > > on Jesus, perhaps D. Allison or B. Ehrman on the apocalyptic-millennial
      > > side and s.t. from the Q-Thomas axis on the other side (Crossan), or
      > > perhaps (again) Borg. If my course evaluations should prove me wrong, I'll
      > > let you know.
      > Thanks for the interesting feedback. I begin a course on Jesus
      > research after Christmas and am contemplating using Theissen &
      > Merz a bit, so this is useful to know. But I'll use a variety of key texts,
      > Sanders, Sanders & Davies, den Heyer, Crossan, Fredriksen,
      > perhaps Powell as well as Theissen & Merz. For another recent
      > (fairly positive) review of Theissen & Merz, see the recent one in the
      > SBL Review of Biblical Literature by James Robinson:
      > http://www.bookreviews.org/Reviews/0800631234.html
      > Mark
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