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[Xtalk] essential HJ studies

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  • Jeffrey B. Gibson
    In addition to adding an articles for review page and an on line resources list to the forthcoming XTalk Homepage, I d like to add a page which lists
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 1999
      In addition to adding an "articles for review" page and an "on line
      resources" list to the forthcoming XTalk Homepage, I'd like to add a page
      which lists essential HJ studies. So I'd like to solicit from list members
      bibliographic suggestions for this List. What do you think are the core
      works, classic and modern (including articles as well as books) that have
      defined (and are still defining) the issues and contours of HJ research?
      What do you consider to be essential reading for anyone who wants to get a
      feel for what the quest for (or as Crossan puts it, the reconstruction of)
      the HJ is all about?

      Perhaps submissions in the form of a top ten list are best?


      Jeffrey B. Gibson
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      Chicago, Illinois 60626
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