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[Xtalk] List Business

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  • Jeffrey B. Gibson
    A couple of items of business:1. May I remind list members that nominations for moderators are to be in by June 1st and that they are to be sent directly to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 1999
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      A couple of items of business:

      1. May I remind list members that nominations for moderators are to be
      in by June 1st and that they are to be sent directly to Mark Goodacre

      "Mark Goodacre" <M.S.GOODACRE@...>

      2. There have been several exchanges recently on the list the character
      of which were more personal than on topic and which gave the impression
      to a number of list members that XTalk was devolving into a chat room.
      And I'm sorry to say that precisely *because* of this, a major European
      NT scholar-- who had recently joined XTalk in anticipation of it being a
      place where HJ research would be conducted and debated--ended up

      I note this because I am about to enter into a major recruiting phase
      for Xtalk wherein I, with the help of others, will be sending out
      invitations to HJ scholars around the world to join the List. The
      invitation will give the following description of XTalk:

      XTalk: The Historical Jesus and early Christian Origins is an on-line
      forum dedicated to the scholarly discussion of the critical questions
      and issues surrounding the study of the Jesus of history and the rise of
      Christianity. Its purpose is to provide a platform for queries, debate,
      and proposals relating to the reconstruction of

      * the life, career, teaching, and aims of Jesus of Nazareth
      * the social and religious world in which he lived, and
      * the nature, development, and significance of the
      social/religious movement which arose in his wake and in his

      Additionally, XTalk is intended to be a venue in which those working
      professionally in the field of Historical Jesus studies and Christian
      origins may post and receive critical responses to papers or ideas that
      are in the process of development.

      This moderated list is for use primarily by professional scholars
      engaged in Historical Jesus research, but graduate students, pastors,
      and others interested in the serious academic study of the Historical
      Jesus and early Christian origins are also welcome to participate, as
      long as they respect the academic focus of the group. Contributors are
      expected to be familiar with the sources, tools and methods used in the
      critical study and exegesis of the New Testament and other ancient
      writings as well as with the history and contours of Historical Jesus
      studies. All subscribers agree to abide by the published Protocol for

      Anyone interested in an open discussion of the Historical Jesus and
      early Christian origins is invited to join the any one of the various
      unmoderated lists available elsewhere on the Web.

      So in order to avoid having those who accept this invitation becoming as
      disappointed with XTalk as one scholar already has, I ask that current
      members think twice about what they post to the List. If it is a message
      which is essentially personal, please send it to the interested party
      off list.

      3. In a little more than a week we already have had more postings by
      more people than the old Crosstalk had in the entire last month of its
      existence. So onward and upward.


      Jeffrey Gibson
      Jeffrey B. Gibson
      7423 N. Sheridan Road #2A
      Chicago, Illinois 60626
      e-mail jgibson000@...

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