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[XTalk] Re: Nazareth Again?

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  • Sam Gibson
    Thank you most kindly, Mahlon. I had a feeling that there wasn t something quite right about the inscription as that would pretty much close the case on the
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      Thank you most kindly, Mahlon. I had a feeling that there wasn't something
      quite right about the inscription as that would pretty much close the case
      on the No-Nazareth issue. Thanks for setting me straight.

      Now... to go about opening those archives...


      Sam Gibson
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      the gates of heaven by Muhammed. That's called fate."
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      Sam Gibson wrote:

      > I have heard that a list was found at Caesarea in the 1960s that showed
      > where all of the Pharisees went after the fall of Jerusalem. Apparently
      > list dated from around the time of the fall and Nazareth is on this list.
      > This would at least put Nazareth on the map in the middle of the first
      > century. Has anyone heard of this and does anyone know where I could
      > more information on it?
      > Also, I searched the e-groups archive for info on this subject but
      > even remember when the last time this subject came up, let alone the title
      > of the thread. Does anyone remember?

      Stephen Goranson is the one who should really answer questions about
      Nazareth. But if you go the old Crosstalk archive & enter his last name
      in the search engine you will get 77 posts most of which have something
      to do with Nazareth. His responses to Ian Hutchinson should give you
      good ammo for replying to those who insist Nazareth was a literary

      As for the Caesarea list. An inscription was unearthed by M. Avi-Yonah &
      A. Negev in the synagogue at Caesarea Maritima that names Nazareth as
      one of the sites of the migration of *priestly* (not Pharisaic) families
      from Judea after Hadrian's destruction of Jerusalem in 135 (not 70) CE.
      Obviously a settlement at Nazareth existed prior to this. My old JS
      colleague John Rousseau [in Rousseau/Arav, *Jesus & His World* p. 214]
      -- who like Jim Strange did not have a formal degree in archaeology but
      was deemed scientifically competent enough, with 2 degrees from the
      Sorbonne, to co-lead the excavations at Bethsaida -- cites Whitcomb,
      *The Illustrated Bible Dictionary*, p. 1060 as his source. I haven't
      personally checked Whitcomb, but given his title there may be a picture
      of the inscription.

      Rousseau also claims that several Jewish families moved to Nazareth in
      70 CE including the priestly family of Pises. But he gives no source for
      this info.





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