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[Xtalk] Paul's experience of Christ

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  • Jon Peter
    With reference to Sakiri s question about whether Paul s vision experience in Gal.1 = 1Co 15 --In both accounts, Paul gives a rough timeframe pinning the
    Message 1 of 2 , May 30, 1999
      With reference to Sakiri's question about whether Paul's vision experience
      in Gal.1 = 1Co 15 --

      In both accounts, Paul gives a rough timeframe pinning the revelation to his
      road-to-Damascus experience in Acts 9 and to the sequence of apparitions
      others were having. This allusion to Acts material suggest that he's
      probably talking about the same personal experience in both letters.

      Galatians --
      After experiencing the *apokalupto* Son, Paul says he did not go to
      Jerusalem but to Arabia, then *back to Damascus*. He is giving us the locale
      of his Acts vision experience.

      I Co 15.3ff: --
      Paul says he was the last one to whom Christ appeared, in a series of
      apparitions to select persons and groups -- again, this is a reference to
      Acts chs. 1-9 visions.

      However, the differences in Paul's descriptions about receiving the gospel
      are puzzling. Specifically, Paul's account in Galatians says he received the
      whole Gospel from a Christ revelation without others' input. He specifically
      says no one but Christ taught him anything! Then, in his 1 Corinthians
      15.3ff version, he says "what I received I passed on to you..." He
      describes what he receives, yet he does not mention receiving it from
      Christ. Rather, his description of what he received does not sound like a
      supernatural vision, but more like a tradition about what happened on earth
      when Christ appeared.



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