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[XTalk] old and new voices

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  • Jeffrey B. Gibson
    I d like to echo Jack Kilmon s sentiments (expressed last week) that the recent exchanges on XTalk have been some of the best we ve seen in either incarnation
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 1999
      I'd like to echo Jack Kilmon's sentiments (expressed last week) that the
      recent exchanges on XTalk have been some of the best we've seen in
      either incarnation of the List. And not only that, but I am continually
      impressed by how lively the List is!

      BUT (there's always a "but", isn't there?) --- BUT, as Mark Goodacre has
      noted in private correspondence with me, **who** we see represented in
      the exchanges is generally limited to old guard and well known
      Crosstalkers (with a smattering of new XTalkers). That is to say, in the
      several months since I did my palace coup and reformulated the List, we
      don't seem to have attracted many HJ scholars who have **never** been
      affiliated with the List .

      Now in my eyes the potential danger of this is that it allows a certain
      insularity to set in among us -- one that, while comfortable in some
      ways, does not necessarily expose us to additional input which could be
      of benefit to us or provide us with points of view with which we are not

      So, having the **future** of XTalk in mind, I want to ask each XTalk
      member (there are 161 of us at last count) to take a stab at recruiting
      new people, and especially scholars, to the List. If you are in touch
      with or have any kind of contact with any HJ scholar, would exploit
      this, please, and make an effort to get them to look in on us, if not
      join the List?

      Please note that this is not a criticism of the voices we presently
      have! It is only to say something along the lines of the more the


      Jeffrey B. Gibson
      7423 N. Sheridan Road #2A
      Chicago, Illinois 60626
      e-mail jgibson000@...
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