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RE: Bruce Re: [XTalk] James on Wisdom

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  • E Bruce Brooks
    To: XTalk (GPG, Alpha) In Response To: Bob Schacht On: What Jesus Taught From: Bruce BRUCE (Previous): The religion of Jesus did not have Jesus as its
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 11, 2012
      To: XTalk (GPG, Alpha)
      In Response To: Bob Schacht
      On: What Jesus Taught
      From: Bruce

      BRUCE (Previous): The religion of Jesus did not have Jesus as its content;
      it had God as its content, and it taught the Way to get on right terms with
      God. ...

      BOB: I think this hits the nail on the head more than anything anyone else
      has said. But the trouble is, what, exactly, was that "Way"?

      BRUCE (Now). There is evidence on that, a lot of it, but the evidence is
      conflicting, and so it needs to be sorted out. Unfortunately, differences
      exist on how to do that, and the result (as has already been noted in this
      discussion) is a logjam: the differences eventually grind the conversation
      to a halt. I think that enough time has passed that it may be recognized
      that the halt is permanent; neither side (to simplify the geometry a bit) is
      likely to convince the other, about either methods or results. We have what
      the Greeks would have called a condition of stasis.

      The only way to get on, it seems to me, is to separate the conversation into
      two conversations, and let each make what progress it can, free of
      roadblocks and ambushes by the other. The two sides are roughly the
      historical-critical one (for which, to take one example, the earliest
      evidence, meaning Mark, is the best evidence, and within any text, including
      Mark, interpolated matter is later than the other matter), and what to avoid
      adjectives I may call the JSem one (whose methods tend to lead to a Matthean

      My own disposition is toward the historical-critical, and I have done my
      personal bit toward freeing up the deadlocked conversation by starting a
      small separate conversation (since November 2011, actually two). Anybody
      else so minded is welcome to do the same, and I would appreciate it if those
      on the historical-critical side of the ledger they would inform me of their
      website, so our little group can be aware of it. Ours is


      . . . to which any viewer is invited to contribute comments or suggestions.
      Apologies for the incompleteness. If in addition to pointing out errors,
      someone wants to register a wish for a particular page not currently
      present, I will do my best to get it uploaded. There is a mail link on every
      page of the site.


      E Bruce Brooks
      University of Massachusetts at Amherst
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