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Re: Jesus and the Twelve

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  • RSBrenchley@aol.com
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 27, 2011
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      <<All the bits about "hearts hardened" mention only "disciples." The
      once they are introduced into the text (and 6:7-13 is a manifest
      interpolation; see my SBL handout from last Nov), are consistently held in

      Apostolic tradition also holds them in honor, and attributes some
      interesting documents to them collectively, among them the Didache. By the
      late 1c, to be Apostolic was to be authentic, whence the spurious Petrine
      literature, to mention nothing else. Mark's attitude toward the Twelve,
      though much earlier than this theologically, is not fundamentally


      James and John get it spectacularly wrong in 10:35-45, Peter in 8:29-35.
      In 9:2-13, they completely misunderstand. In 14:33-42 they all fall asleep.
      Peter denies Jesus three times. By the end of the book, they've all run
      away. Only the women remain with Jesus, and they're scared to tell anyone what
      they saw at the tomb. Is that really such a positive portrayal? Or is Mark
      saying to his audience, 'The Twelve got it wrong, and that's why the
      Jerusalem people never understood. I'm giving you the correct story now'?

      Subsequent Gospels obviously rehabilitate them, and later tradition
      continues that. But that has nothing to do with Mark.


      Robert Brenchley
      Birmingham UK

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