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The official (re)launch of gospels.net

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  • Andrew
    Hello crosstalk(2) group- I just wanted to announce that I have officially relaunched gospels.net. As many of you know, I ve been running this site since the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2009
      Hello crosstalk(2) group-

      I just wanted to announce that I have officially relaunched gospels.net. As many of you know, I've been running this site since the late 1990s, but I have now completely redesigned the site so I that I can bring you the latest news about early Christian gospels not ultimately included in the New Testament.

      The URL is (obviously): www.gospels.net. It is now "an online resource dedicated to the Gospel of Thomas and other early Christian gospels" (see the list of gospels that will be dealt with on the site below). The design is straightforward. It includes a blog, which will focus on providing the latest news relevant to the study of early Christian gospels not included in the New Testament.
      It also includes three web pages, which I have labeled "resource centers."

      Each resource center provides extensive lists of helpful online and offline resources. These lists aren't intended to be exhaustive. Instead, I want to focus on highlighting top-quality websites, blogs, books, and articles that deal with the pertinent gospels and related subjects. I will ultimately be providing a summary of the nature of each offline resource, effectively creating a select annotated bibliography for each of the different gospels (but this will take some time since I've already got nearly 100 bibliographic entries posted).

      One of the reasons I've recreated gospels.net is that I've been surveying the information available on the web about non-canonical gospels since last summer. In doing so, I noticed 1.) There aren't a particularly large number of websites dealing with these texts; and 2.) There seems to be a problem getting reliable information from all but a few of the websites that do exist. I plan to make the new gospels.net, at the very least, a reliable source of information about some important texts that are (still) too often overlooked and too little known.

      Anyway, there's much more to say about the new site. I'm very excited to be launching it officially after spending nearly a year designing it (even though it was exposed prematurely a couple of months ago :)). I really hope I can forge some mutually beneficial relationships with the various e-lists, but we'll see how that works out. For now, let me just note that "gospels.net is (and always will be) a work in progress." Feel free to send any comments, questions, or suggestions my way (on or off list is fine, I think . . . though I guess that’s really up to the moderators).

      Andrew Bernhard

      p.s. Gospels.net is currently set up to deal with the following ancient texts: Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Judas, Gospel of Mary, Gospel of Peter, Unknown Gospel (Egerton Papyrus 2), Oxyrhynchus Parchment 840, Jewish Christian Gospels (Ebionites, Nazareans, and Hebrews), Secret Mark, Infancy Gospel of Thomas, and Infancy Gospel of James.
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