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Re: [Synoptic-L] The Temptation Narrative (Jacob)

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  • Jack Kilmon
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 16, 2008
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      > I suspect, then, that Jesus's family not only countenanced the Johannine
      > sympathies of Jesus, but did so actively, and took part in
      > post-Crucifixion
      > developments on that basis. According to all evidence, including that of
      > Acts, it was presumably on this sort of basis that the Jerusalem Church
      > was
      > at some point founded. Jacob, like Paul, was not an original follower of
      > his
      > brother, but is said (in an apocryphal text) to have received his
      > credentials as a leader of the movement via a personal vision of Jesus. In
      > what few shreds of lore seem most credibly to portray Jacob, I suggest
      > that
      > we may glimpse the degree to which Jesus's beliefs had been originally
      > congruent with those of his family generally. The family views came to
      > dominate at least one strand of the later Jesus movement, and it was in
      > Jerusalem that this strand of the movement seems to have been located.

      I would go a bit further. I see the evidence pointing to Jesus'
      ministry/mission as a "family enterprise." Throughout his travels we see
      his aunt Shalomzion/Salome and his aunt Maryam/Mary (Clopas/Alphaeus'
      wife...the "other Mary) along supporting the group "out of their means." I
      don't know the relationship of Susanna and Joanna but suspect they were also
      relatives. At least 5 of the disciples were relatives or close associates
      of relatives and not merely strangers who dropped what they were doing.
      Jesus' uncle Clopas also seems to be helpful to the group.

      This being the case, we cannot be sure that brother Yaqub was not involved
      all along as well as some of the other brothers. Mark has an obvious
      antipathy toward Jesus' family (3:21; 3:31-35) and excludes them from the
      mission as does the interpolation at John 7:5. The only reason I can think
      of for this anti-family bias was to prevent proselytes from joining the
      Jacobian group in Jerusalem from which the desposynoi arose. It is for this
      reason I consider the GoT Logion 12 authentically Yeshuine. Later in the
      century there is a specific focus by persecutors on Jesus' family members.


      Jack Kilmon
      San Antonio, TX
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