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RE: [XTalk] FW: Galilean Economics, et

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  • William Arnal
    ... interesting relationship with the land tenancy issue. The true ... inheritances among sons and all) with confidant assertions ... On this issue of land
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      Dave Hindley writes:

      >WRT Jesus' purported relations with "tax collectors" etc, there is an
      interesting relationship with the land tenancy >issue. The true
      >political reality of traditional "family plots" of the time in that region, that everyone likes to talk about as if similar >to
      >modern day concepts of absolute land ownership (with parents splitting
      inheritances among sons and all) with >confidant assertions
      >that it must have been so because some passage in the Jewish scriptures says so, is not so easily discerned.

      On this issue of land tenancy, and the ideologies thereof, and shifts in those patterns and ideologies in first-century Galilee, Seth Schwartz has done some lovely work -- see his "Josephus in Galilee: Rural patronage and social breakdown," in Josephus and the history of the Greco-Roman period: Essays in memory of Morton Smith, ed. F. Parente and J. Sievers, 290�306 (Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1994).

      William Arnal
      University of Regina

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