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Galilean Economics, et

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  • Steven Deedon
    Thanks, David, for all these resource suggestions. Yes, Birth of Christianity is the book that first brought my attention to this issue. I ve forgotten the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 22, 2008
      Thanks, David, for all these resource suggestions. Yes, "Birth of
      Christianity" is the
      book that first brought my attention to this issue. I've forgotten the
      Meier source,
      most likely Vol. 2 of "Marginal Jew" or one of the more recent pieces
      through Biblica or elsewhere online -- pl. don't hold me to it.

      The Sanders source was most likely personal conversation when he visited
      Yale campus this semester. Right, land tenancy and the general economics
      Galilee are not big issues in the writings of Meier and Sanders that I've

      Forgive my not having sources at hand to reference, but I have also read

      that Herod generally benefitted his subjects.

      Speaking of Sanders .... One issue I discussed with Sanders was his take
      Borg's hypotheses re Jesus' ostensible conflicts over purity laws. He
      Borg is generally mistaken re the entire subject, that these conflicts
      are retrojected
      from early Christianity. I don't have my texts at hand, but as I
      "Jesus and Judaism" puts forward the notion that Jesus' main conflict
      other Jews was his style of becoming friends with tax-collectors,
      et al. without first some commitment from them to change their ways.
      I raised the issue to Sanders that there still might be a role for
      purity in
      social identity(thus, "us-versus-them" conflict), and he agreed on the
      possibility but we didn't get much further on that. Christine Hayes, a

      Tanach scholar at Yale suggested there is literature on purity and
      identity but has never shared the info with me.

      I'll look back through the list archives for the comments you mentioned
      by yourself
      and Crossan.

      BTW, just an FYI. I've been able to leisurely read some long sections of
      Yabro Collins' new Hermenia commentary on Mark. She reads a lot of
      literature for comparision. The whole project struck me as extremely
      though sometimes a bit conservative.

      Warm Wishes,


      Steven Deedon

      "It is not happiness that makes us grateful but gratefulness that makes us
      happy." - Br. David Steindl-Rast

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