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Cardinal Martini Reviews Ratzinger's Jesus Book

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  • Jim West
    Antonio Lambatti writes Cardinal Carlo Martini has reviewed Pope Ratzinger s Jesus of Nazareth. The full Italian article has been published by the daily
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2007
      Antonio Lambatti writes

      <em>Cardinal Carlo Martini has reviewed Pope Ratzinger's Jesus of
      Nazareth. The full Italian article has been published by the daily
      newspaper "Il Corriere della Sera". Here's <a

      <em>In short, Martini is not that satisfied with Ratzinger's Jesus. He
      writes that the Pope is a theologian and not a New Testament scholar,
      and that besides he hasn't done any research in this field. Moreover, it
      looks as if Ratzinger stopped his NT studies about 40 years ago.
      Martini says that John of Zebedee cannot have written the fourth gospel
      - as the Pope states - and that Razinger's Jesus is not the only one.
      Martini adds that the Pope has written his book guided by </em><em>Fides
      et Ratio , thereby rejecting any historical critical methodology to
      analyze the NT texts. There's much more in Martini's review, but it's a
      bit hard for me to translate the whole article. As you can imagine, the
      debate is turning quite heated here in (the very Catholic) Italy.</em>

      Jim West, ThD

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