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Re: Shalom Forest Tomb

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  • Chris Weimer
    I found another article which I used in my blogpost : The other tomb was Shalom Forest tomb, which also is in the
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      I found another article which I used in my blogpost <<
      http://neonostalgia.com/weblog/?p=196 >>:

      "The other tomb was "Shalom Forest" tomb, which also is in the Talpiot
      neighborhood, which contained ossuaries bearing inscriptions such as
      "Mariam daughter of Shi'mon" and "Yehosep son of qyp'." The latter is
      described by Samuel R. Wolff in his article "Archaeology in Israel"
      (relevant material on pp. 151-152) from the American Journal of
      Archaeology (1993). In it Wolff merely states that the name "brings to
      mind the name of Caiaphas...mentioned by Jewish historian Flavius
      Josephus and in the New Testament (Matt. 26.3, 57) as the High Priest
      who presided at the trial of Jesus". He then goes on to state that
      this is the first attestation of the family name."

      If that was a summary of the finds, how many scholars do we even have
      making a positive assertion that it was the actual tomb connected to
      Caiaphas, and not merely something reminiscent of his name?

      Chris Weimer, student
      University of Memphis
      Major: Latin and Greek
      Minor: Judaic Studies


      --- In crosstalk2@yahoogroups.com, goranson@... wrote:
      > The Talpiot tomb show reportedly asserted that everyone agrees that
      the ossuary
      > of the High Priest Caiaphas has been found. This has indeed been
      proposed by
      > scholars. But, scholars who either strongly question or deny the
      > include:
      > Wiliam Horbury, The 'Caiaphas' Ossuaries and Joseph Caiaphas, Palestine
      > Exploration Quarterly 126 (1994) 32-48.
      > Emile Puech, A-t-on découvert le tombeau du grand-prêtre Caïphe?,
      > Le Monde de la Bible 80 (1993) 42-47.
      > Margaret Williams, The Contribution of Jewish Inscriptions to the
      Study of
      > Judaism, in Cambridge History of Judaism volume 3, page 89.
      > Craig A. Evans, Jesus and the Ossuaries (2003), 107-8.
      > Did the tomb show producers seek a qualified fact checker?
      > Stephen Goranson
      > http://www.duke.edu/~goranson
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