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Third Announcement of the 10th Annual SBL E-Listers' Meeting, Nov. 18th, 2006

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  • Jeffrey B. Gibson
    With apologies for cross posting. This is the Third and final announcement of the 10th annual gathering of NT, Biblical, and Biblically related e-list
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 16, 2006
      With apologies for cross posting.

      This is the Third and final announcement of the 10th annual gathering
      of NT, Biblical, and Biblically related e-list members at the Annual
      Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature in Washington D.C on
      Saturday, Nov. 18th at 11:30 a.m. . The meeting will take place at the
      Gorgias Press booth (booth 1017) in Exhibit Hall A of the Washington
      D.C. Convention Center.

      As attendees of previous meetings know, this gathering is a great
      opportunity to place a face to an one hitherto known only as an
      electronic personality and/or to renew acquaintances made at previous

      And N.B. -- This year there will be a formal, SBL sponsored. E-Listers'
      Brown Bag Lunch Meeting on Sunday, Nov. 19th from 11:45 to 12:45 in
      Meeting Room 2-RW where we can talk -- and perhaps do some e-list
      planning -- without the distractions of the exhibit.

      The Program Book listing of this event is:

      S19-40E-Listers Brown Bag Luncheon
      11:45 AM to 12:45 PM
      Room: Meeting Room 2 - RW
      Bring your own lunch (concessions are available in the exhibit
      hall) and join us for discussion.

      Those who have let me know of their intentions to join as at the
      informal gathering are:

      Rikk Watts (XTalk)
      who will be a responden to Gathercole's new book in the Synoptic Gospels
      section Sunday Noon; presiding a Mark section on Resurrection; Mon
      a/noon; and in the Theol Herm section: respondent to Meye Thompson.

      Stephen Carlson (SynopticL; XTalk)
      whose papers are: (1) "Luke's Panel Technique for his 'Orderly'
      Narration" S18-24 Sat. 9:00am Synoptics Gospels Section and (2) "The
      Nineteenth-Century Exemplar of 'Archaic Mark' (MS 2427)" S21-18
      Tues. 9:00am NT Textual Criticism Section

      Jacob Knee (XTalk)

      George Kiraz (Hugoye)

      Christine Altinis-Kiraz

      Everett Oakley (ANE-2)

      Joseph Cathey

      Gordon Raynal (XTalk)

      Ken Penner (g-Megilot)

      Joseph T. Edmiston (XTalk, Synoptic-L, B-Greek)

      Patricia Walters (Synoptic-L)
      who will be giving a paper on Tuesday morning 9-11am, "Formation of
      Luke-Acts" session -- Room: 204B - CC. Paper title: "The Gilded
      Hypothesis Revisited: The Authorial Unity of Luke and Acts"

      Steve Black (XTalk)
      who will be presenting a paper in the SBL Construction of Christian
      Identities Consultation (S19-108) on Sunday late afternoon. Paper
      Title: "The Construction of Christian Identity through the Stereotyping
      of the Pharisees in the Gospel of Matthew"

      Frank Jacks (XTalk and Corpus Paulinum and Synoptic-L,)

      Bill Skelton (Johannine Literature, XTalk)

      Joseph Weaks (Synoptic-L, B-Greek)

      Andrew Porter (B-Greek)

      Mark Nanos (Corpus Paulinum)
      who will be presenting a paper in Philippians Group Meeting entitled
      "You say 'Judaizers,' I say, 'Why so?': Re-visiting the Context Implied
      Paul's Name-Calling in Philippians 3"

      Brian Tucker (Biblical Studies)

      Gail Dawson (XTalk)

      Donald R. Vance (ANE-2)
      Presenting a paper in SBL S20-6 Biblical Hebrew Poetry section
      Monday November 20, 2006 9:00 AM CC 204C. Paper Title: "Psalm 137
      Reexamined with a View to Voice"

      Lareta Finger (Corpus Paulinum)

      Albert Maksel

      Robert Raphael

      Eli Elliot (Corpus Paulinum)
      who will be delivering a paper in the SBL consultation on Jesus
      Traditions, Gospels and Negotiating the Roman Imperial World, Session
      S19-18, November 19, 2006 -- 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM -- Room: 156 - CC; The
      paper is entitled: "Empire as Metaphorical Family: God’s Family vs.
      Caesar’s Family"

      Randall Buth (B-Greek)
      who will be presenting a paper in Biblical Greek Language and
      Linguistics Section 11/19/2006 5:40 pm Room 204C-CC. Paper Title: "Greek
      Body Parts"

      Christopher Hutson (Corpus Paulinum)
      who be participating in a panel discussion on “Teaching NT Introduction
      or Christian Origins” in the Best Practices in Teaching Workshop,
      S19-103, Saturday, 4:00-5:30.

      Robert Raphael (B-Greek)

      Stan Gundry

      Mark Thalacker (Kata Markon)

      and me (J. Gibson [Xtalk, Corpus Paulinum, Kata Markon, and others)
      I'll be presenting a paper entitled "The Bread Petition in the Lord's
      Prayer: A Lack or "Alas""?" S21-25 Synoptic Gospels Tuesday November 21,
      2006 9:00 AM CC 146C

      I look forward to seeing you in Washington D.C.!


      Jeffrey Gibson

      Jeffrey B. Gibson, D.Phil. (Oxon)
      1500 W. Pratt Blvd.
      Chicago, Illinois
      e-mail jgibson000@...

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