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Re: [XTalk] Re: Ehrman on Stephen Colbert's show

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  • Tony Buglass
    Larry wrote: I m sorry you found my comment to be fundie-bashing . I don t think it was, it wasn t intended to. S alright - it wasn t really, but I thought I
    Message 1 of 11 , Jun 22, 2006
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      Larry wrote:
      I'm sorry you found my comment to be "fundie-bashing". I don't think it was, it wasn't intended to.

      S'alright - it wasn't really, but I thought I could see a trend opening up. I have no time for people like Falwell and Robertson - or to be more precise, I have no time for their attitudes, their politics, or their theology. But they can be too easy a target sometimes, and I don't like that either. Their mothers loved them, and I dare to believe God does, too! (If he doesn't, I'm stuffed...)

      Rev Tony Buglass
      Superintendent Minister
      Upper Calder Methodist Circuit

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