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Fwd: The Secret Message of Jesus?

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  • Bob Schacht
    Anyone had a chance to check this putatively historical assessment of Jesus life described below? I ve added some emphasis below, in blue. ... Amazon.com has
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2006
      Anyone had a chance to check this putatively historical assessment of
      Jesus' life described below? I've added some emphasis below, in blue.

      >The Secret Message of Jesus
      >by Brian McLaren
      >Brian McLaren, one of Time magazine's "25 Most Influential Evangelicals in
      >America," is back. His latest work, The Secret Message of Jesus, leads
      >readers on a journey as ground-shaking as it is life-changing. The quest:
      >find the essential message of Jesus' life - even if it overturns
      >conventional ideas, priorities, and practices.
      >"Through the years, I have frequently had an uncomfortable feeling," wrote
      >McLaren, "that the portrait of Jesus I found in the New Testament didn't
      >fit with the images of Jesus in the church." Out of that nagging
      >discomfort arose McLaren's most revolutionary book to date.

      Here's a review, from Amazon.com:
      > From Publishers Weekly
      >Starred Review. Pastor and bestselling author McLaren (A New Kind of
      >Christian) explores Jesus's teaching in this book, placing it in its
      >Jewish context, analyzing its tenets and expression, and trying to work
      >out how it should be lived today. McLaren starts with the assumption that
      >the church may not have accurately understood Jesus's "secret message"
      >(hidden "as a treasure one must seek in order to find"). He revisits the
      >gospel material from a fresh­and at times radical­perspective. The church
      >has focused on salvation as a means to "heaven after you die" for too
      >long, according to McLaren; we should take Jesus at his word when he says
      >"the kingdom of God is here now," and work to assist that kingdom by being
      >peacemakers and loving others. McLaren admits to not exploring every topic
      >here in depth, in an effort to keep the book brief, but he does an
      >excellent job of capturing Jesus's quiet, revolutionary style­the prophet
      >who spoke in parables, who didn't want people to talk about his miracles,
      >who challenged established Jewish thought, and paradoxically found
      >ultimate fulfillment and victory through death. Conservative evangelicals
      >will be critical of some points (and there are weaknesses here), but this
      >book will appeal to a broad spectrum of people who want to understand
      >Jesus. (Apr. 4)
      >Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc.
      >All rights reserved.

      Amazon.com has a whole bunch of reader-reviews of the book. Another
      reviewer wrote,
      >. . . The book itself is divided into three main sections. The first,
      >"Excavation: Digging Beneath the Surface to Uncover Jesus's Message",
      >dives into the historical and especially the first century Jewish context
      >of Jesus' message.

      Bob Schacht

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