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Re: Rodolphe Kasser interviewed by Swissinfo

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  • Roger Pearse
    ... The frantic attempts to stir controversy are quite funny, really, aren t they? But I do wish people wouldn t try to get Christians upset and so
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 26, 2006
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      --- In crosstalk2@yahoogroups.com, Jim West <jwest@...> wrote:
      > In part-
      > Rodolphe Kasser, who translated the 1,700-year-old
      > Gospel of Judas, tells swissinfo that the Church's
      > rejection of the manuscript smacks of "intellectual
      > laziness".
      > That, of course, is overkill. But he does have a
      > vested interest in the text so it's probably simply
      > natural of him to want it to be more than it is.

      The frantic attempts to stir controversy are quite funny, really,
      aren't they? But I do wish people wouldn't try to get Christians
      upset and so associating papyrology with insult; any of the US mega-
      churches could afford to fund an expedition to find further codices in
      Egypt, if only they weren't relentlessly told that so doing might
      be "risky to faith." Think of what could be done!

      This is not to knock Kasser, who may be speaking under orders from
      Nat. Geo. I've just finished reading the Kasser/Meyer/Wurst "Gospel
      of Judas", and Kasser's essay on the discovery and conservation of the
      ms is the only really useful essay in that volume. (The translation
      and the footnotes to it are useful too, of course).

      Mind you, the entire useful content can be reduced down to 11 bullet-
      points! I've done so and it's here:


      But I think we should encourage people to buy the book. Nat.Geo. very
      kindly made the Coptic text and the English translation available
      freely on the web, and it's only fair that they get something back.
      It's only $22, after all, which is nothing.

      I'm now working on Herbert Krosney's book; lots of padding so far, but
      about 1 line of useful data.

      All the best,

      Roger Pearse
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