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Re: [XTalk] The Historical Jesus, the Gospel of John, and Larry Hurtado

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  • Jeff Peterson
    ... David, I would think it entirely uncontroversial to say that John is among the most important and most influential books in Christian history; the
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 26, 2006
      On Apr 26, 2006, at 11:19 AM, rit2506 wrote:
      > If you are familiar with Hurtado's thesis which aims to undermine
      > Bousett's History-of-Religions thesis and show that the earliest
      > Christianity held devotion toward Jesus of Nazareth as a Divine being
      > who is attributed worship (something that Judaism of the day would
      > have not have allowed, I wonder what scholars make of his overall
      > thesis and also his view of the Gospel of John as "one of the most
      > important" Jesus books.


      I would think it entirely uncontroversial to say that John is among
      the "most important and most influential" books in Christian history;
      the Christological controversies of the ancient church wouldn't have
      happened without them, and every church confessing the Nicene Creed
      describes the Second Person of the Trinity in language that wouldn't
      have been used if John hadn't been written. But that's not the thing
      same as being "one of the most historically informative books about
      Jesus." If that's what you're understanding Hurtado to mean (and it's
      only on that understanding of his statement that it would seem to
      have relevance to your thesis on the historical Jesus), that's not my
      impression. But that having read Hurtado on John without marking and
      inwardly digesting him, so I'm open to correction on the point from
      someone who has the book to hand.

      Jeff Peterson
      Austin Graduate School of Theology
      Austin, Texas
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