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Re: [XTalk] Menahem ben Jair

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  • Gordon Raynal
    Hi Jack, ... Maybe a great nephew via Simon (the Zealot/ Canaanean) if this Simon were Jesus little brother? Just a guess, of course), but as there were so
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 24, 2006
      Hi Jack,
      On Apr 23, 2006, at 6:15 PM, Jack Kilmon wrote:

      > "In the mean time, one Menahem, the son of that Judas, who was
      > called the
      > Galilean [...] took some of the men of note with him, and retired to
      > Masada,
      > where he broke open king Herod's armory, and gave arms not only to his
      > own
      > people, but to other robbers also. These he made use of for a guard,
      > and
      > returned in the state of a king to Jerusalem; he became the leader of
      > the
      > sedition. (Flavius Josephus, Jewish War 2.433-434)"
      > Menahem could not have been the son of Judas of Gamala (Galilean)
      > timewise. I wonder if he was the son of another Judas of Galilee,
      > Yehudah
      > bar Yahosef, Jesus' younger brother? One of Judas' sons had two sons
      > himself who appear in Eusebius:
      > III.19: The [Emperor Domitian] ordered the execution of all who
      > were of
      > David's line, and there is an old and firm tradition that a group of
      > heretics accused the descendants of Jude--the brother, humanly
      > speaking, of
      > the Saviour--on the ground that they were of David's line and related
      > to
      > Christ himself. HEGESIPPUS states:
      > And there still survived of the Lord's family the grandsons of
      > JUDE, who
      > was said to be his brother, humanly speaking. These were informed
      > against as
      > being of David's line, and brought by the evocatus before Domitian
      > Caesar,
      > who was as afraid of the advent of Christ as Herod had been. Domitian
      > asked
      > them if they were descended from David, and they admitted it. Then he
      > asked
      > them what property they owned and what funds they had at their
      > disposal.
      > They replied that they had only 9,000 denarii between them, half
      > belonging
      > to each. This they said was not available in cash, but was the
      > estimated
      > value of only 25 acres of land, from which they raised the money to pay
      > their taxes and the funds to support themselves by their own toil...
      > On hearing this, Domitian found no fault with them, but despising
      > them
      > as beneath his notice let them go free and issued orders terminating
      > the
      > persecution of the church. On their release they became leaders of the
      > churches, both because they had borne testimony and because they were
      > of the
      > Lord's family. And thanks to the establishment of peace they lived on
      > into
      > Trajan's time (98-117).
      > Domitian couldn't haul in every descendent of the Davidic line but
      > he
      > might have been paranoid about descendents of known messianic rabble
      > rousers.
      > Going on a bit of a tangent of Historical Jesus' Family Research, I
      > wonder if Menahem was a nephew of Jesus. I seem to be full of
      > wonderments
      > these days.
      > Jack

      Maybe a great nephew via Simon (the Zealot/ Canaanean) if this Simon
      were Jesus' little brother? Just a guess, of course), but as there
      were so many Simon's, Judas', Jesus', James' and families probably
      often "named for" (mom's, dad's, aunt's, uncle's, etc.) , and because
      that description might point to one of Jesus' brothers being especially
      sympathetic to the Zealot cause, then I'd go there for a guess.
      Notably the grandsons of Judas who were hauled before Domitian were
      freed. I seriously doubt he would have freed any who were known to
      have associations with freedom fighters.

      Gordon Raynal
      Inman, SC
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